Inters ride 9th September

Inters ride set off with 26 of us I think heading up to Eartham, to Oving back of Bognor to Hotham Park for coffee. Nice to see new faces I’ve not seen before and to welcome Chris & Juliette on their first ACC ride. Only two punctures, your be pleased to know, it wasn’t 10 puncture Daniel Schofield! mixed abilities out there today, thank you to those who helped others. Well done to Louise Hartwell, Kate Kingsley and Martin Morris for stepping up to Inters. Thanks to Neil Parrish, Paul Mcbride, Simon Halley, Paul Endacott & Dan for leading/back marking. I’d also like to thank the ladies in cafe, the man walking his dog and last but not least my Mum….! God I’ve bored myself 


See you again soon


Yo & Riggsy

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