MTB night ride

3/9/17 MTB ReportĀ 
Just the four of us today. Great riding from Colin, Steve and Marcus on a tough ride. Decided to do parts of one of our favourite cross country routes out west in reverse. Now we remember why we usually do it the other way round!! Much tougher in reverse. Down hill enthusiasm got the better of Colin, Marcus and Steve as they merrily over shot one of the turns. After some energetic whistling from myself they they climbed back up hill to get back on route. Lovely views of Red Kites flying at this point. The climb up to Houghton was tough but the single track ridden made this worth while. Led the group on some new tracks they and I had never ridden down to Slindon-such fun and so fast and twisting. We will be back soon. Refreshment at the Slindon forge which again was a first for all but myself. Rain for the trip home so we put our foot on the gas. This finished Marcus off (you have been working too hard at work mate). 48.5km and 900 mtb climbing later we were back. Great ride guys especially on those steep climbs where we almost run out of gears! Really enjoyed it and nice to work in some new tracks today. I for one feel quite shattered!!

Mark N

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